Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Birmingham Christmas Market

Hello Everyone!

Every single year, The nearest City from where I live;Birmingham sets up a Christmas market. It's brought over by people from Germany. They set up cosy little wooden cabins and sell all kinds of things; from food to bath salts, from strange looking ornaments to Christmas decorations. There's also a Ferris wheel, an Ice rink and a carousel. I will admit. Some of the stuff is complete and utter,over-priced junk and the people who buy it must have money to burn! However some of the market is extremely pretty and Christmasy and there are a selection of stores that do sell things worth buying. For example FOOD. There is always a delicious smell  when walking through the cabins, whether it's the aroma of the roasting meats or the intoxicating smell of sweet and sugary doughnuts. 

I spent most of my visit taking pictures for my blog. Battling the cold and numb fingers to get some photo's for those of you who live in another part of the world or live in the UK and have never visited the Birmingham Christmas Market I hope you enjoy looking through these Christmasy pictures and that they make you feel super festive! 

And that is all!  Is there a Christmas market where you live?

There will be many more Christmasy posts coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled!
I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures! I'd planned this post a very long time ago and was so excited to take the photos and write up about my day!

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Lots of Love

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