Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lush Review: BIG

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Recently I've been feeling like my hair was in need of a boost and thought I would give the Lush "BIG" sea salt shampoo a whirl after hearing some good words from the blogvine. The shampoo it's self smells so fresh and "citrusy" as it contains lemon and lime extracts great for adding shine to the hair. Sea salt is rumoured to give volume and some "va va voom " to limp and lifeless locks. There is also some sea weed and coconut shoved in there to maintain soft hair as salt can be quite drying. 

The shampoo is really cooling on your hands and scalp when you are in a scolding hot shower. ( I usually turn into a lobster while in the shower) so it's quite soothing. I grabbed a big dollop of the product and plonked it on my head and began to lather it. I was surprised how easily and quick the salty gloop turned into a bouncy thick bubbly lather. I would think twice before using so much next time as it appears a little really does go along way! The shampoo contains large pieces of sea salt but that dissolves quickly so don't worry! The lid is a little hard to get back on in the shower! so be careful! 

Once I dried my hair (with a blow drier) I think that it was safe to say my hair did look a little thicker, although I would like to see a bit more of a change. For the price I will probably use this 1-2 times a week as it's expensive! Hopefully I will see a greater change over the course of time. 


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