Sunday, 3 November 2013


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My skin has been fine lately, I haven't really suffered with any breakouts or flakiness. However I thought my skin could do with a bit of a boost since I haven't been eating my greens or drinking as much water as I should. (Tut Tut) . I've always wanted to try a Lush face mask but I've never got round to it, until the other day. Lush claim that Brazened Honey is said to be a detoxing face mask ideal for those fellow health slackers -like myself. It's believed that this nifty little think can get your skin glowing and radiant. 

It contains fresh root ginger, parsley and coriander to detox and stimulate dead skin cells. Sage, juniper,rosemary for their antiseptic qualities. Honey and eggs to soften the skin. Lime cleans the skin while ground almonds exfoliate it and Talc absorbs the grease. 

The skin mask it's self is like a clay mask, it dries quickly when applied to skin and crumbles if you scrunch your face to much. So be careful! or you will have a lot to clean up! It's got little chunks throughout it and honestly does look rather gross on your face. I felt like Fiona from Shrek and had to endure jokes from my dad such as "Sprout Head".  It also itches a little at first and becomes irritating.

After cleaning the mask of my face. (which was a little pesky as i assumed, since all face masks are) my skin felt soft and did appear to be a little more radiant. A face mask is always a nice relaxing treat anyway! I'll continue to use this for a 2 weeks to see if it makes a mega change to my skin. I'll update on my twitter so make sure to follow! Just click on this link! @emma_alexandria  Make sure to tell me you've come from my blog and I promise to follow back!

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