Saturday, 30 November 2013

LUSH REVIEW: The Melting Snowman

Hello everyone!

This past week I've been feeling really stuffy as i'm full of the dreaded winter cold -urgh. There is no better cure for a runny nose and a sore throat then a boiling hot bath to turn you into a lobster and help you sweat that cold out! Since Christmas is just around the corner I have already stocked up on some of  heavens Lush's limited edition Christmas bath bombs! I've already used my penguin bubble bar, it was lovely however I didn't choose to blog him as his face wore away in the box he lived in, so he wasn't very attractive :(. The second bath bomb from the Christmas range I've treated myself to this year is the rather sorrowful looking melting snowman. 

The melting snowman was actually the first lush product I ever used, back last year when I received one in a Christmas gift box.I remember last year he had a little piece of stem ginger for his nose, this year it's just part of the bath melt coloured orange. I just couldn't resist to give him another go this year as last December I really enjoyed my first bath using him - oooh so relaxing. This little fellow is sure to melt your heart (as well as himself) with those puppy dog chocolate drop eyes.

This particular bath melt is fragranced with cinnamon,lime and sweet orange oils. The scent is not at all overpowering, he smells like my traditional idea of Christmas; rather warm and spicy but I also think he has a talcy undertone and he's a little fruity. I can definitely pick out cinnamon and the orange is detectable. 

When added to the water he fizzled up like a bath bomb whereas most of lush's bath melts .... melt. The water turned a cloudy opaque white. This little bath melt leaves globules on the surface of the water as the oil from the cocoa butter and almond isn't able to dissolve. I know some people hate this however I actually don't mind as long as it makes my skin super soft! -Which he certainly did, without being oily and greasy.
How Creepy does he look!

Here's for the strange bit. The snowman's head WOULD NOT MELT. I tried crushing it with my hands, smashing it of the sides of the bath, crumbling him under the tap. That head would not break nor dissolve. I think they should rename this guy "the unbreakable snowman". After about five minutes of trying to get water inside of his head he began to dissolve - very slowly.

All in all I really enjoyed my bath, I am writing this post 5 hours after kicking back and the scent of this Christmasy little fellow is wafting around my house and still lingering on my skin. I was rather sad to see him go and it kind of reminded me like the classic Christmas film "The snowman" at the end when they boy goes outside. I love the snowman, I watch it every single year,cuddled up with my family under fleecey blankets drinking hot chocolate. I will certainly buy him again next year and who know's maybe I'll have another one hiding in one of my Christmas presents!

You can buy the MELTING SNOWMAN HERE!! for £2.25

Have you tried the melting snow man? 
What do you think? 

Lots of Love
Emma xoxo


  1. This sounds so amazing! Definitely want to try (:

    1. You should !! Its lovely! Shame his head wouldnt dissolve!! Xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Hopefully yours will actually melt! xxxx