Tuesday, 5 November 2013

October Yankee Candles

Hello everyone!

A cheeky Yankee candle review today for you all! On my birthday I received (or chose) these Yankee candles to make up my autumn/winter collection. After endlessly sniffing every single candle and being watched by the lady on the till, I finally made my mind up. Originally I did want the Vanilla Chai candle or The Salted Caramel one from the Autumn collection but the shop I went to didn't stock them and all the excitement made me forget! :( In the end I selected November Rain and Mandarin Cranberry. (If you click onto the names of the candles you will be taken to the Yankee candle website to view them) 

My Candles are looking a little scruffy! I have been burning them alot!

Starting With November Rain, This candle is from the Autumn 2013 collection which is what drew me into getting it. (It can also be found in the "Fresh" selection) It's got quite a dark blue wax and the picture on the front a orange leaved forest which is rather cosy and autumny. On a first smell without burning it does smell fresh like cool,crisp autumn air. I actually would say this candle smells quite masculine, not like in a "sexy man aftershave" smell though. Once burned it does quickly give of a scent. The smell does seem to linger for ages which is lovely. Mom thought it smelt like fly spray or something like that,I quite liked it, but I do think this one is a tricky one to get used to. 

As I mentioned before Mandarin Cranberry was my second choice.It has a red wax and the picture on the front is the fruit the name mentions. It does look Christmasy...you know cranberry sauce and oranges for those Christingle things you make in primary school!  This one is from the Fruit collection and isn't a limited edition one or anything like that,. This one has a sweet and (you guessed it)  fruity scent. I can certainly smell orange throughout this one. There is an undertone of cranberry however it is very weak. After burning for a few minutes I can no longer smell the scent. This one also takes a while to give out a smell which means more burning time and more wax being used up. This is really disappointing! I want my candles to stink out the whole house or at least one room with a lovely scent. 

In my opinion the mandarin cranberry candle is much to weak and I won't be buying another anytime soon which is a awful shame since burning candles at this time of year is lovely and cosy:( Despite the November rain candle having a great strong scent I wouldn't want another as It's not one of those amazing yummy smells that you'd crave. I've also found that the candles don't burn very well either, some wax get's missed out and it burns down into a curved shape. I constantly have to scrape wax of the sides so it can get used up. I wouldn't recommend these candles personally.

Can anyone recommend me a candle brand that has candles with a super strong scent? Has anyone tried Bath and Body Works candles?

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