Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn Bliss

Hello everyone! 

Last Sunday I took a quick stroll through my local park in order to pass some time before I went to an Indian restaurant. Since it's autumn (as I'm sure you are aware!) all the leaves are changing to vibrant yellows and oranges and deep plums and crimsons. Through my eyes everything is so much more beautiful in the later seasons of the year, the whole feel of autumn and it's cosiness is just so wonderful. While on my walk I captured a few photos using my phone and thought I'd upload them onto here for you all to see.

Not going to lie, I'm kind of cringing at this next photo, maybe as I continue to feature fashion/outfit posts I'll get used to it and perhaps I'll become less reserved when posing for these pictures soon too. It all looks a little shabby and the pose seems so awkward to me! But never mind, It's useful to look back on and you can get some outfit ideas from this I guess!

I'm not sure what the blue "blop" is...I must have drawn on it on my phone!

I seem to always turn to slouchy, cosy clothing recently. I think that's the Autumn-Winter norm for most of us here in the UK.

A simple top and a black pair of leggins are easily spruced up alongside a chunky pair of boots and a graphic printed cardigan.

Totally Got my sweetheart on the floor to take these.

Cardigan - Select
Bag- Primark

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you'd like to see more of this sort of thing!

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

Thank you for reading

Emma xx


  1. I love your outfit, you look super cute! I don't think you look awkward at all, but rather chic. xo

    1. Bless you thankyou so much sweetie! Xxx

  2. Holy moly your hair is perfection. It just flows & flops so gracefully. I love autumn because I can fiiiinally wear more than a tank & shorts. Woohoo. :] // ☼ ☯

    1. That's so lovely thankyou! I hate summer I feel so award in what I wear! For example! I'm allergic to the sun so I have to cover up anyway....which means I don't get that summer tan :( xxxx

  3. Love your boots. xx


  4. Gorgeous! I love your style :) My favourite thing about Autumn is the large spiders.. haha no! I love the cosy nights in whilst its raining outside <3 xxx

    1. Thankyou sweetie! Urghh!!! Last year my house was infested with them! Oooh they are the best! But nothing beats being cosy inside while its snowing outside! ;) <3 xxxx