Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter Wishlist 2014

Hello Everyone!!

Black Chelsea Boots (New Look) 
Everyone seems to have a pair but me! Chelsea boots are so simple and cute and will put any look together! I need me a pair!

Sugar and Spice palette (Make Up Revolution)
I mean look at it! who wouldn't want a little of that on their cheeks? The palette contains lots of cranberry shades and a icy highlighter. Perfect for winter!

Pink Faux Fur Stole (Miss Selfridge)
Fur is so on trend right now, nothing makes a girl feel more cosy and sophisticated than a fur stole right? I love the colour of this one, it's unusual whilst remaining classy. 

Vanilla Brulee and Cranberry Body Butter (The Body Shop)
OH my! Can I just smoother myself in this buttery goodness already? I used to love the body shop body butters, I used to be a frequent thief and take a small pot into my moms room and scoop out a generous amount from her pots, then hide them in my room! (This is not a recent story might I 

 Katy Perry Punk Princess Lashes    Eylure Exaggerate 141 Lashes  Eylure Naturals 015 Lashes
I'm not an eyelash wearer and never have been! Apart from once when I thought pound lash lashes would be a good place to start and nearly got my eyes sealed with the glue.. anyhow! I think I'm over the trauma and would very much like to give them a whirl again. I particularly like these sets. Since I'm always experimenting with make up it's almost alien I never try lashes.

Knitted Jumper Dress (Next)
Lets all take a moment to think of all the way this could be worn. My oh my. Let me wear it now.

Leaf and Stone Stacking Rings (Accesorize) 
I never wear jewellery...a crime I know. I need to work on my style and I think abit of "bling bling" might be part of the solution. This set is beautiful. I need.

The Sleekster Winter Desserts (Hotel Chocolat)
1. I wont share, so don't ask.
2. These would be worth putting all the weight of lost back on.
3.It's Christmas.

And That is all for my Winter Wish list! Fingers crossed I am blessed with some of these beautiful items! 

I hope you're inspired!

Emma xo


  1. love all these, I really need some Chelsea boots too! X

    1. I must get some by the end of the year!! Xxxx