Thursday, 28 May 2015

Casting Creme Gloss- Dark Chocolate Results

Hello Everyone,

Admittedly I'm probably one of the most boring people when it comes to changing my hair colour. I'm definitely a creature of comfort, I don't enjoy taking risks and I like to stick to what I know when it comes to my mane I've certainly had my fair share of hair disasters.

Before I wrote this post my hair was the darkest brown colour you can imagine- almost black. So this dye had a slight battle on its hands. (I've also used casting hair dyes before and I find them to be a great product.) The packaging informed me it would be suitable for colouring darkest brown hair.

The colour is depicted as being - well a chocolatey brown with a slight berry tinge. I used two boxes on my locks as it's of long length - I waited around 40 minutes for the colour to develop.

After rinsing the dye out and then blow drying I noticed that first of all my hair was super soft and shiny.
There were chocolatey tones throughout my hair although they were not as drastic as I would have hoped for and only really viewable in the sun. The colour change really wasn't that noticeable.  Since the packaging did claim it could be used on darkest brown hair I honestly expected a little more from this product. It kinda just evened out the colour I already had.

I'm not sure if I will purchase this product again to build up colour or try something else and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated x

I did take a before picture of my hair but I see very little point in uploading it as the after picture looks exactly the same!

I'm actually pretty disappointed with the outcome and if I had known the product was going to struggle with covering my hair colour I would have stripped it previously.

Have you used any disappointing hair products?

Emma xo


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