Saturday, 20 June 2015

Handmade Burger

Hello everyone!

I've never won anything in my life - apart from things that relate to eggs. I won the egg decorating competition and the egg and spoon race so I was delighted when I won this twitter competition hosted by The Handmade Burger Company.

I've visited the restaurant....4 times before this? So I was looking forward to good things! There's honestly so much to choose from..over 40 different types of burger I'm sure! The voucher I received was super generous, two sides two burgers and two drinks - anything my little heart desired.

I can hand on heart say the food was delicious, one of my favourite places to eat, there's just so much to choose from. I would be even more delighted if they added wholemeal buns to to the menu, I always feel so guilty when I eat white bread!

We selected 
  • Chicken sliders (three different chicken burgers. Italian, sweet chilli, brie and cranberry)
  • Rosemary chips
  • Cajun chips (the best chips imaginable)
  • Cheddar and Chilli stuffed beef burger 
  • Banana milkshake
  • Oreo milkshake

I tried everything but the stuffed burger, the chicken in the sliders is otherworldly, I live for slightly burnt chargrilled chicken. Cajun fries are a must, the seasoning is bliss, kinda like healthy crisps...that makes sense right...

So much effort is put into the food and its so clear to see that, imagine being a chef in a restaurant that serves over 40 burgers!!

I'd fully reccomend a visit to the restaurant, the food is so fresh and the whole place has a really cosy rustic vibe.I'm so so so incredibly grateful for the generosity of the handmade burger company and the lovely service from the staff. 

(I visited the Birmingham bullring restaurant)

Emma xo


  1. Hey, I love Handmade Burger, its got great choice for veggies too! I love their periperi chips, theyre soo lovely x

    1. Their vegetarian stuff looks amaaaazing, I'd probably have tried some if I wasn't such a carnivour! Xxxx

  2. Oh my gosh, this makes my stomach rumble so much! Looks delicious! x

    1. I want to go back asap! Totally fancy the lamb pitta burger! Xx