Sunday, 28 June 2015

Regal In Red

Hello Everyone

(Top from Primark)

It's been a while since I've uploaded a face of the day and since my make up this weekend came out pretty well I thought I'd upload one.  Its been sooooo long since I've worn red lipstick, I used to wear this stuff religiously at secondary school it was my staple. (And always getting told to take it off to - not that I ever would)

Products Used

  • Rimmel Perfect Match Foundations - Shade 100 Ivory. 
  • Sleek Brow Kit In dark to lightly fill in brows. (I just got mine threaded-feeling fierce)
  • Sleek Contour Kit on the cheeks to add warmth.
  • Pink blush on the cheeks again to add warmth.
  • Some sort of gold all over the lid, in the inner corner and half way along the bottom lashline.
  • Then apply a dark brown on the outer corner and the end of the lower lashline and blend. (All eyeshadows used in this look are from the warm neutals Mac palette)
  • Use a black felt liner across the upper lashline to add definition, I didn't do a flick.
  • Use your favourite mascara on both sets of lashes.
  • Apply a red lipstick that suits you I'm wearing vixen by sleek. 

That's it you're done!

Emma xo


  1. Such a pretty red ! x

  2. Love this look, you are so pretty!
    Eloise xx|

  3. This lipstick looks stunning on you! Btw, I loooove your face of the day posts x

    1. Thank you sweetie! I hope to do more of them in good time! Xxxx

  4. You're stunning! I love that lipstick colour on you x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous <3 This is the perfect red lip for you.