Sunday, 14 June 2015

Twinnings Velvety Vanilla Chai Latte

Hello everyone!

My inner tea queen struck again and is super content with this new find. Last year and the one previous I was chai latte obsessed and was drinking the "drink me Chai" lattes religiously. I was even gifted some for Christmas.

Some how I fell of the chai latte wagon and became occupied with Earl grey teas... I recently spotted this in tescos and my love affair with chai was rekindled.

First of all it smells amaaaazing. So sweet you get that subtle hint of vanilla and the typical exotic chai spices; cardamon,cinnamon perhaps ginger in here to? The ingredients doesn't give too much away.

To summarise I'd say this tea is quite the comforter, not as strong as regular chai tea and not as sweet as a chai latte somewhere in the middle. The spices are incredibly delicate so its perfect for easing yourself into regular chai tea. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a few more packs before its discontinued :(

                             Emma xo


  1. Your blog post is a story of my life! Lol I'm too constantly switching between chai and earl grey teas
    This looks good!!
    Anna x

    1. I wish I really liked green tea then I'd feel less guilty of my obsession! Xxxx