Tuesday, 29 September 2015

19 Things I've Learnt Before Becoming 19

Hey Everyone

Next Week I will be turning 19 (I can't tie shoe laces and I still sleep with the light on - and the door open. I am not ready.) I thought I'd list all the things I have learnt these past 19 years, you might be able to relate to them to! X

1. YOU ARE MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. I can not express this enough! Over the last year I've developed into someone who easily brushes things off that bother me and who quickly adapts to change no matter how much it hurts. Nothing keeps me down anymore!

2.NOT EVERY FRIEND WILL BE YOUR FRIEND FOREVER. No I don't mean that you're gonna fall out with 75% of them and the rest will stay, what I mean is people move on, they become interested in other things and meet other people. It doesn't mean they don't like you or you've "fallen out" it just means they've grown in their own way. (The RIGHT people will stay in your life - that being the ones who care and want to be around you the most!)

3.EAT WHAT YOU WANT. If only I could show you flashbacks to when I would cry and cry and cry over the way I looked. "I'm fat" "I don't like my nose" "I want this I want that". I think I'd actually strangle my younger self, whether that's because of me becoming body confident this or because I just don't give a sh!t about a roll on my stomach I don't know. One thing is for sure is I'm going to indulge in all that I can.

4.YOU'RE BETTER WITHOUT SOME PEOPLE. This one is just what it says on the tin, those that cause stress and upset must go. Not everyone is going to respect you, not everyone is going to treat you the way you should be treated. Not everyone is worth the hassle. Those who love you the most will ALWAYS stick around and change bad behaviour. I learnt that this year. Time to wave them Goodbye!

5. NEVER GIVE UP. I know this only too well! This year I threw my hands up in the air and completely gave up with my A2 work at college, didn't do so well in my exams and now I'm redoing everything. Why? Because I was going through a hard time and couldn't focus so I just gave up. BIG NO. Keep going you will feel so much better for it when you reach success. (I have a little more reaching to do!)

6.GO OUT MORE. Previously I'd often find myself turning down invites to parties, to meals ect because my confidence levels were low. Recently I'm the first to accept offers to events and I'm constantly planning things to do with friends. If I want to speak to someone you bet I'm gonna do it. Honestly if you find yourself to shy to get involved with things gently ease your way into it you won't regret a thing! I feel so much more happier for it.

7. THOSE WHO CRITICISE YOU WANT YOU TO FEEL THE WAY THEY DO. Those who are happy with themselves will praise and bring you up, those who feel intimidated by you will criticise you to try and make you feel low or to make you stop what you're doing. Laugh at them and don't listen to a word of it.

8.DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER A MISTAKE OR AN EMBARRASSING INCIDENT. Both happen far too frequently and one of the most awful things to do is keep thinking about it, let it go. If it's an embarrassing mistake; no one probably cared and even if they did they'll soon forget about it. A mistake; if you've hurt someone ALWAYS say sorry, be the bigger person. If you're not forgiven then know you have a lot of work to do. ( My mistakes are never that serious though!)

9. BE ORGANISED. Anyone that knew me at college will know my folder with overflowing with jumbled work, I always forgot about homework and deadlines and I never had a pen. Since I've been back at college my work is all separated neatly, completed and I'm up to date with all events and what not. Take it from someone who didn't even know what organisation meant, you'll appreciate a good folder and a diary.

10. DON'T SLEEP LATE. I am forever messing up my sleeping pattern, much to my annoyance when I have to be up early the next day. Get into the habit of sleeping early, waking early and having time to eat breakfast and relax. Rushing leads to bad make-up and forgotten items before heading out the door and that's not what we want.

11. NEVER EVER RETALIATE TO SOMEONES BAD BEHAVIOUR. Retaliate to it and watch them blame you for the problem after to which you'll probably apologise for after and they will get away with it- plus no change will be made. No relatalition means you never caused it. Ignore it and watch them come back with an apology.

12. YOU'RE PARENTS KNOW BEFORE YOU DO ABOUT A BAD FRIEND. I don't know how they know they just do! As soon as my parents lock eyes on one of my friends they know whether or not they are going to be good ones. ALWAYS LISTEN!

13. THE CANDLES AREN'T RUBBISH IT'S JUST YOUR SENSE OF SMELL. I think my sense of taste took whatever my nose had to offer because honestly I can barely smell anything unless it's strong.

14. NEVER GET TO ATTACTHED TO ANYTHING. Whether it's a person, a object, your hair. Never get to attached, if anything happens to leave or be taken away then it's going to leave you very upset. Try not to get to attached to anything that has a high chance of going. I felt this with my kitten Bella this year when she was taken to a new home. Nothing lasts forever.

15.ALWAYS BE KIND AND POLITE. Those who are rude need kindness the most, you never know anyone's circumstances back home or wherever so never make it worse for them. 

16. HOLD ON TIGHT WHEN GETTING OFF THE BUS. lord knows the amount of times the bus has stopped and I have either flew forward running or swung around a pole. Hold on tight Emma.

17 GET TO KNOW A VARIETY OF PEOPLE. I often wonder how people who hang around ONLY people with the exact same interests, the same background, race, social class, gender ect ect. HOW BLOODY BORING! get to know lots of different people, you'll learn a lot of new things and it's far more interesting.

18. NOT EVERY ITEM OF CLOTHING IS GOING TO SUIT YOUR BODY SHAPE. What looks good on one won't look good on all! Don't get upset if something doesn't look quite right there are clothes designed to look good on your body too don't worry!


Love Emma xo

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  1. I agree with all of these! It's pretty amazing that you've realised this at 19 - some people never learn these amazing life lessons so you're clearly pretty awesome x

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. This is one of the best blog posts I've read because it is so honest and helpful! Really great post. xxx
    Bilgi | Stepping Onto The Scene | follow on BLOGLOVIN' xo

  3. 5, 7, 18 and OH MH GOSH 16 YES YES YES! Haha :) That's one I'm still learning. Aaah i loved this post, i might be 21 but could relate to a lot of it. Thank-you :)

    Writing Possibility