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How I Ombre My Hair Safely At Home

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I started doing ombre at home last October when I finally decided it was about time I changed my hair colour after a few years of dark brown. Over the last 7 months or so I've had numerous questions about where I have had my ombre done and numerous eyebrow raises and shocked expressions when I say I do it myself!

I've changed the colour of my ombre three times now and I've also changed my sisters hair colour from brown to blonde (a healthy blonde!) in one sitting without ANY damage so I feel like i'm in a pretty good place to give information on ombre without the help a pricey professional! My local hairdresser said ombreing my long dark hair would cost me around 100 pounds per sitting. I only spent 20/30 pounds per each bleaching session I did at home.

My current colour of ombre is a rich blonde.

Products I Use To Ombre My Hair:

  • Jerome Russel Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach (Contains 4 sachets)
  • 4x Jerome Russel Bblonde Maximum Cream Peroxide- I advice the use of Vol30
  • A mixing bowl with a brush
  • Tin Foil 
  • Your desired hair colour
  • A purple toner.

There are various ombre kits on the market however they are quite pricey for the small amount of change they do to the hair and the little product they contain. I find that the Jerome Russel bleach makes a noticeable difference to the hair on each application. The bleach and peroxide are easy to use, one sachet of powdered bleach from the box is to be mixed with one bottle of peroxide. I advice the use of the 30 vol bleach as it is less harmful to the hair, I only purchased the 40 vol as it was all that was left in store. DO NOT LEAVE THE BLEACH ON THE HAIR MORE THAN 3O MINUTES. After 30 minutes the bleach begins breaking down the hair and the lightening process is no longer occurring.

After mixing the products together apply evenly to the sections of hair where you desire your ombre, I find chin level downwards is the safest option if you are a beginner. Use the brush and your hands to evenly coat the hair with bleach. Wrap the hair in tinfoil and wait 30 minutes for the bleach to develop.

It is important to note that the bleach only lightens your current hair colour by a few shades, if your hair is dyed the lightest colour will take longer to achieve. For example, my hair was dark brown/black before the first application of bleach, it turned into a coppery shade after my first bleaching application, a few months later I bleached again and my ombre changed to a honey blonde. The last application lightened my hair to a vibrant honey blonde. I advice you not to bleach your hair less than a month or two again after bleaching, the hair needs to recover from the harsh chemicals.

I do not own this image, all credit is due to it's rightful owner.

The above image gives a clear indication to the levels of hair colour obtainable. It also illustrates how many levels each type of volume lifts, a volume of 30 will lighten your hair by three shades of it's current colour, a volume of 40 will lift it by 4. From black to light blonde I had to use multiple applications of bleach to lighten by 7/8 levels.

Now, your newly bleached hair is likely to be brassy and contain yellow/orange pigments which of course are not desirable, to rid your hair of this you will need to tone the hair, you can do this with the use of a purple shampoo which will be used frequently, or a toner which may have to be applied every two weeks.

I actually skip the step of the toner and tone my hair with the use of an ashy hair dye or two, because it is a dye it sticks to the hair colour and lasts longer, I simply pick a shade which is close to the colour of my newly bleached hair and use it to neutralise any unwanted brassy tones.

Colours I Reccomend Are

  • Nicen'Easy Natural Ultra Light Ash Blonde
  • Nicen'Easy Medium Ash Blonde
  • Nicen'Easy Natural Lightest Ash Blonde
  • Nicen'Easy Natural Medium Champayne Blonde
  • Nicen'Easy Natural Dark Cool Blonde
These cool shades will banish those awful yellow and orange pigments, I've tried and tested them all and I highly recommend these shades from Nicen'Easy. You of course could opt for a warmer shade but then a toner will have to be used to rid your hair of the brassiness.

Don't forget to condition your hair frequently after bleaching!

I hope this post has helped you!
If you have any questions just comment below!

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